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Meet Our Newly Promoted Leaders

Join us in congratulating our newest leaders! Strong and effective leadership is one important reason why BKF Engineers is a successful professional services consulting firm. We are pleased to recognize and announce our newly promoted Associate Principals, Senior Associate Principals, and Principals.


Geoff was inspired by his father, a San Francisco builder and mechanically-minded general contractor, at a very young age. He traversed scaffolding, glued to his father’s hip, three stories in the air until he was old enough to swing a hammer. Some might say, “an engineer in the making.”   Read More    

Back in 2002, a chance meeting in the hallway at Santa Rosa Junior College with one of his instructors led Jason to a drafting position with Carlenzoli & Associates (which later became part of BKF Santa Rosa in 2009). Over the years, and with a lot of hard work and great mentorship and support, Jason worked his way through the ranks and is now a Principal in our Santa Rosa office. He feels fortunate for opportunity to work on some of the most exciting projects in the North Bay.  Read More

While the world changed for everyone in 2020, Jason and his family opted for a literal change of scenery and relocated to Portland, Oregon, in fall of that year. In between kids’ soccer and baseball/softball games, they spend time exploring Portland and the greater Pacific Northwest. In particular, they have enjoyed the Portland food scene. “The food is amazing, something I didn’t realize before moving up. Although, having an ice cream shop and bakery within walking distance of my house is a bit dangerous for me – I have a serious sweet tooth.”  Read More   


Proving that hard work and perseverance pay off, Mike started his BKF career by helping the administrative staff move office boxes during one of his two summer college internships with the firm. “It’s a story I like to tell people about BKF – even the college kid who starts out at the bottom is given the chance to move up and grow and eventually become a senior associate principal,” he said. “The opportunity is there.”  Read More   

Originally a technical salesperson from Southern California, Will moved to the Central Valley in 1998 to follow a young woman. She eventually became his wife, and soon after he began his career in land surveying. Happily, he found his way to BKF, now works in our Modesto office. He immediately knew that he had made the right decision to join BKF when he learned about the firm’s trusted legacy. “Our stellar reputation made it that much easier to open and market a new office here [in the Central Valley],” he said. “And our company’s forward-thinking leadership, vision and consistency were also incredibly impressive to me.”  Read More   


As a young adult, Cathy Bandy Schwarz’s weekends were spent either woodworking with power tools or sewing on her sewing machine; two hobbies requiring planning, problem solving, and an ability to see how things are put together. Her father, an engineer himself, would often highlight the achievements of a woman engineer on his team, leaving behind a bread crumb trail of inspiration.   Read More

Jonathan Tang spent his early childhood in Canada. His family later made a number of international relocations (including stints in Hong Kong and the US), before finally landing in Sacramento. As a child, Jonathan enjoyed tinkering with building blocks, as well as taking things apart and putting them back together. This interest eventually grew into a career in civil engineering.   Read More

A United States Marine for almost 10 years, David has lived in Japan, Korea, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia and has visited 20+ countries and five continents. He was born and raised on a property in Springfield, Virginia which was previously owned by President Washington and worked at a gas station on land that was once owned by General Robert E. Lee.    Read More

Jeremy joined BKF’s San Jose office in 1998 after moving to the Bay Area from Connecticut. He devotes his time at BKF to both private and public clients. His experience includes residential, commercial, mixed-use, institutional and community related projects. The Santana Row project in San Jose was one of his first and continues to be one of his legacy jobs over the past 20+ years with the firm.   Read More

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