While the world changed for everyone in 2020, Jason and his family opted for a literal change of scenery and relocated to Portland, Oregon, in fall of that year. In between kids’ soccer and baseball/softball games, they spend time exploring Portland and the greater Pacific Northwest. In particular, they have enjoyed the Portland food scene. “The food is amazing, something I didn’t realize before moving up. Although, having an ice cream shop and bakery within walking distance of my house is a bit dangerous for me – I have a serious sweet tooth.”

Jason leads BKF’s Portland office while still supporting the Walnut Creek team he has worked with for the past decade. While Jason’s responsibilities have evolved to include more oversight and business development, he still enjoys diving in to help the team resolve complicated design issues.

He also appreciates the variety of projects working at BKF affords. Some of the project types his team work on include land development, schools, civic, health care, streetscapes, pedestrian safety, and other civic projects. And unlike his first job where he was involved with environmental and water resources engineering (mostly permitting work), seeing the tangible end product of his projects now, brings him satisfaction. “It is great to see something that you design actually get built, and watch it during construction.”

Jason accepted a position with BKF in 2012; four years after he was initially contacted by our recruiting department. “BKF called me in 2008 on my first day on the job at another company,” he said. “It wasn’t great timing then, but over the years, BKF was persistent, and I’m so glad.”

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