Through our network of 16 west coast offices, BKF provides civil engineering, land surveying, and land planning services for government agencies, institutions, developers, design professionals, contractors, school districts, and corporations. Facilitating the unique permitting and expertise requirements of projects, we provide a number of specialty services, including Agency permit expediting, grant and funding strategies, sustainable infrastructure, site accessibility consulting, hydrology/hydraulics, traffic signal and traffic handling designs, utility locating services, automated construction surveying monitoring, and 3D laser scanning.

CIVIL ENGINEERING • BKF’s efforts in the general civil engineering discipline span multiple services specific to site development planning, design, and construction. Understanding the process and constraints is key to implementing the project objectives. Read More

SURVEYING • Our licensed land surveyors, who manage more than 35 crews, know how to use an array of tools and methods to achieve desired results, whether locating boundaries in rural, rugged terrain or digitally scanning a new skyscraper building structure. Read More

PLANNING • BKF’s role in planning takes on multiple forms: high level regional infrastructure planning; site specific alternative analyses; and developing and processing entitlement documents. Read More

TRANSPORTATION • BKF built its reputation on our ability to plan, design, and successfully implement Public Works projects. Read More

WATER RESOURCES • The management of water resources has become increasingly vital to both our private and public clients. BKF provides end-to-end solutions: from master planning and modeling, to detailed design, and through the construction process. Read More

CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT • BKF provides project and construction management services, working closely with our clients to meet their needs for quality managerial oversight of preconstruction; proactively identifying potential roadblocks and creating a roadmap to successfully navigate. Read More

GRANTS & FUNDING • BKF helps organizations secure funding to achieve their goals through mission-driven planning, strategic funding plans, and grant writing optimization. Read More

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