Geoff was inspired by his father, a San Francisco builder and mechanically-minded general contractor, at a very young age. He traversed scaffolding, glued to his father’s hip, three stories in the air until he was old enough to swing a hammer. Some might say, “an engineer in the making.”

Early in his career, Geoff spent a lot of time after hours at Autodesk’s headquarters, testing applications for AutoCAD and working with programmers to advance the software. He initially started out as a structural engineer, but after his supervisor recognized he had a knack for land development, he was persuaded to switch gears and obtained licenses in both civil engineering and land surveying.

Geoff is passionate about sharing his engineering/surveying knowledge and experiences. This led him to author engineering/surveying textbooks and teach evening classes at the local community college for more than 15 years.

While serving as a technical advisor to local agencies, Geoff helped draft Santa Rosa’s local fire ordinance, and helped prepare the City’s Low Impact Development Technical Design Manual.

As a BKF principal, one of his favorite tasks is assisting clients in overcoming engineering challenges and finding creative ways to navigate agency processes. Most days you can find him working with clients, overseeing design and sharing experiences with staff.

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