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The management of water resources has become increasingly vital to both our private and public clients. BKF provides end-to-end solutions: from master planning and modeling, to detailed design, and through the construction process. Our water professionals provide innovative and custom engineering solutions for a wide spectrum of projects in a manner that is sustainable and cost effective. Our proven experience includes planning and designing water, wastewater, recycled water, and stormwater infrastructure for large residential and campus developments projects; redevelopment of in-fill projects; State, Caltrans, FEMA and local City, County and District public works projects.

BKF confidently navigates complex project issues including client needs, regulations compliance, finances, utility conflicts, permitting requirements, environmental constraints, and construction impacts. Our water resources design has the potential to conserve water, prevent flooding, improve drainage, restore creeks, and improve stormwater quality all leading to a more sustainable environment.


  • Detention, Retention, Infiltration, and Harvesting & Re-Use
  • Hydromodification Compliance
  • C.3 Third Party Certification
  • Hydrology/Hydraulics Modeling and Studies
  • Large Diameter Pipeline Design
  • Gravity and Pressure Pipeline Design and Rehabilitation
  • Creek and Streams Improvements
  • FEMA Processing
  • Pump Stations

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