BKF’s grants and funding services strengthen community efforts and promote positive change by helping organizations exceed their fiscal and organizational goals. Our unique approach leverages our 100+ years of legal, local, and federal government experience, differentiating us and leading us to successfully secure over $250M of project funding.

BKF provides a full suite of grant development, writing, and administration services. This brings much needed resources and is an exciting opportunity for the private sector, nonprofit organizations, and public agencies. BKF continues to help communities strengthen existing programs, or implement new ideas with our funding resources. Our structured approach to grant writing cultivates our clients’ innovative ideas and matches them to the appropriate federal, state, or private funding opportunities. Working across a broad range of service areas, we help our clients identify funding strategies that target specific needs and develop competitive grant applications to meet them.


  • Needs Assessment
  • Grant Identification and Tracking
  • Grant Proposal Development
  • Grant Writing
  • Post-Grant Management and Administration
  • Communication and Advocacy

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