BKF Engineers has built its reputation on our ability to plan, design, and successfully implement Public Works projects for cities and counties throughout California. Our transportation team has extensive experience working with Federal Highway Administration, Federal Statewide Transportation Improvement Program, California Transportation Local Assistance, State Transportation Improvement Program and numerous Transportation/Public Work Agencies for local Cities and Counties.

When improvements are required in the State right-of-way or when federal funding is involved, BKF is your trusted advisor. Having worked hand-in-hand with each of the Caltrans functional units including environmental, design, and project management on numerous projects, our engineers have a unique insight to not only what is required but also what is expected in order to navigate through the Caltrans process. Our Caltrans’ experience spans all phases of project delivery including planning, environmental clearance, design approval, and construction assistance.


  • Local Roadways and State Highways
  • Complete Streets
  • Roundabouts
  • Grade Separations
  • Traffic Signals
  • Local Assistance / Funding Authorization
  • Caltrans Facilitation Services
  • Encroachment Permits
  • PEER Preparation
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