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BKF Delivers Water Resources to the City of Hayward to Replace Sewer and Water Line Infrastructure

In response to recent water shortages and aging infrastructure issues, the City of Hayward has been making strides in its management plan for water and sewer resources. The City is tasked to meet demands, create contingencies, and serve their constituents by recycling captured water and maintaining the physical pipeline system in residential neighborhoods. To support the water and sewer initiatives in their strategic roadmap and the community’s water resources, the City of Hayward has selected the BKF Engineers Team for their expertise and reputation.

The City’s plans include sewer support projects to improve the City’s capacity for sewer collection, overflow prevention, and operability maintenance. Equally, the water infrastructure projects intend to improve water distribution systems, provide adequate fire flow, and enhance the water supply reliability of its distribution system.

BKF Engineers is tasked with providing engineering and survey services for both contracts. Given their collective project experience, the BKF team with support from Haley & Aldrich (Geotechnical), Bess Testlab, Inc. (CCTV/Potholing), David J Powers & Associates, Inc. (CEQA), and V.W. Housen & Associates (Hydraulic Modeling), represent a team of experienced engineers, surveyors, and technical professionals that are excited accomplishing these goals with the City of Hayward.

For over 100 years BKF Engineers has maintained a reputation in civil engineering by supporting cities and counties as they maintain and improve their communities and support systems. BKF is proud to support cities and counties throughout the West Coast as they work to protect and manage their most precious resources.

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