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As we gear up for the holiday season, the skies are set to buzz with the excitement of reunions, joyous celebrations, and heartfelt moments. At BKF Engineers, we understand the importance of seamless travel, especially during the busy seasons. We are committed to creating a positive traveler experience. Our dedicated team, including engineering, land surveying, grants, funding, and our Designated Design-Build Professionals®️, collaborate tirelessly with aviation clients, operations, maintenance, stakeholders, the FAA, other regulators, and teaming partners. Together, we ensure that our friends, family, and visitors can reach their destinations with a focus on what truly matters – celebrating the holidays. 

Click on the images below or scroll down to discover how BKF has contributed to airport improvements and expansions with our teaming partners and stakeholders on recent projects:

San José Mineta International Airport

BKF is proud to have worked on many projects at the San José Mineta International Airport including:

“This beautiful new Fire Station at SJC represents the trust built here locally and in Washington. That trust sustained the vision; that vision sustained the effort, and the result is this beautiful, green, state-of-the-art facility, built during the most unprecedented time,” says SJC’s Assistant Airport Director, Judy Ross. 

Read more, in the SJC News Release.

San Francisco International Airport

BKF is proud to have worked on many projects at the San Francisco International Airport including:

  • BART Extension from Colma to San Francisco Airport
  • International Terminal Renovation
  • Airport Blvd. Study
  • Internal Terminal Scan/BIM
  • Terminal 1 Pile Cap Survey
  • 10,000 gallon Fuel Tank Topographic Survey
  • Hazardous Waste Barrel Storage Facility
  • Superbay Hangar Fire Suppression Replacement
The conceptual enhancement plan provided safety enhancements for both pedestrians and bicyclists, moderate landscaping and better wayfinding signs for the facilities located on both sides of the roadway.

Oakland International Airport

BKF provided engineering services and construction support services for the security improvements associated with the improvements to the Taxiway B Overpass. Recommendations were consistent with the  Department of Homeland Security’s requirements.

Charles M. Schulz Sonoma County Airport

BKF Engineers provided land surveying and civil engineering design services for the new parking lot at the airport which provided over 450 new parking stalls, EV charging stations, and accessible parking, sidewalk improvements, and connections to local bus stops. Work included close coordination with the Sonoma County Airport, Sonoma County Transportation and Public Works Department, and FAA.

Chino Airport

BKF worked closely with the City and County of San Bernardino to prepare right-of-way documents to support capital and development projects. BKF is also supporting submittal coordination and attended stakeholder meetings with the FAA.

John Wayne Airport

BKF provided land surveying services for the fuel storage upgrades project which included new fuel storage tanks, containment walls, site utilities, and new fuel runs to the existing pump islands

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Compliance and Coordination

In our extensive involvement in diverse aviation projects, BKF has gained an understanding of the critical need for seamless collaboration with the FAA. We recognize the significance of adhering to the FAA’s guidelines, standards, and requirements, emphasizing the accurate application of these directives and the meticulous collection or formulation of data.

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