Women of BKF | Stephany Romero

Stephany Romero joined the Sacramento office staff in 2012, and now works as an engineering manager on many commercial/retail, healthcare, industrial, and K-12 education projects.

When Stephany was urged by a counselor and mentor back in high school to apply to engineering schools, she was thrilled at this guidance, since her strengths were math and problem solving and engineering seemed to be a good fit. Their encouragement made her feel empowered and she never looked back. She enjoys collaborating with other mentors and mentees; supporting and challenging each other to grow and to keep learning every day. On her days off she can often be found spending time outdoors on a bike trail or on her stand-up paddle board. She was fortunate enough to study abroad at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia, which intensified her love of the beach, scuba diving, and the outdoors in general.

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