Women of BKF | Raquel Fones

After graduating with a B.S. in Civil Engineering from San Jose State University, Raquel joined BKF’s San Jose office in 2007. Her 14-year career to date has included work on mainly commercial projects, including offices, laboratories, and industrial/warehouses, although she has also worked on projects in the retail, mixed-use, and higher education sectors. She appreciates her position at BKF and boasts the company is great to work for because of its overall integrity, knowledgeable employees, teamwork and collaboration opportunities, and the commitment and support of all involved.

Raquel is thankful for many things; including life itself, good health, her family, and all the natural resources of which there are many we enjoy in northern California. She is an outdoor fanatic and avid runner whose guilty pleasure is sleeping in on the weekends followed by adventurous road trips.

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