Women of BKF | Monica Cardenas Pardo

Celebrating Women of BKF 2023 Monica Pardo Senior Project Engineer

Monica’s journey to BKF began when she was recruited for an interview for an engineering position. During her interview, it was evident Monica possessed the attributes that BKF values in their engineers and she was extended an offer. What Monica finds most exhilarating about working at BKF is the culture of knowledge sharing and the camaraderie among employees and her team. Seasoned professionals readily embrace newcomers, fostering an environment of continuous learning and growth.

When it comes to project assignments, Monica is open-minded and adaptable. She doesn’t have a specific preference because she thrives on the different challenges each project brings. For her, every project is an opportunity to expand her skills and contribute to the company’s success.

Outside of the office, Monica’s favorite pastime is embracing the great outdoors through physical activities. Whether she’s running, cycling, hiking, or participating in a friendly game of pickup soccer, she finds solace and vitality in the open air. It’s in these moments that she reconnects with nature and recharges her spirit. Beyond the outdoors, Monica has a deep passion for books. To her, they contain a wealth of knowledge and a source of endless inspiration. Monica is profoundly thankful for her friends and family whose unwavering support and encouragement remind her of the importance of strong relationships in her life.

Monica Cardenas Pardo, PE, QSD/P Senior Project Engineer – Redwood City/San Jose
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