Women of BKF | Devon Kurcina

Since joining the firm in 2003, when BKF had four offices and 120 employees, Devon’s strategic leadership has played an integral part in the company’s growth to more than 500 employees across 16 offices. In 2016, Devon established BKF’s comprehensive Marketing and Business Development department to implement strategic planning goals cementing the firm’s position as one of the leading civil engineering firms across the West Coast. Devon works across all of BKF’s key markets and services to ensure the appropriate approach, resources, and expertise are leveraged for each pursuit. Devon’s strength is developing and nurturing client relationships. Her talent lies in marketing BKF’s services to a network of contacts and understanding industry trends. She oversees the firm’s client relationships, communication initiatives, marketing pursuits, and ensuring all efforts communicate the firm brand. In addition, she is very active in the community and serves on many professional organization boards.

Devon’s passions don’t stop with BKF! Having loved the 60s mod culture since high school, she has a love for vintage fashion and designs and sews her own clothes. Her family shares her passions. Devon and her husband homeschool their two kids and love to cook, sew, travel, and study Italian together.

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