Women of BKF | Cathy Bandy Schwarz

Cathy Bandy Schwarz is a Senior Project Manager who works out of our San Jose office. Her 20 years of project design and development experience focuses mainly on storm water management and compliance with NPDES and EPA regulations, and she was recently selected as a CASQA CGP QSD/QSP Trainer of Record, ToR. She is especially skilled in navigating projects through the storm water compliance process from conceptual design through implementation and post-construction mitigation.

When she was younger, Cathy always loved a good puzzle and figuring out how things fit together. She spent many childhood hours either woodworking or sewing; both of which require planning, problem solving and construction. These interests, coupled with the encouragement of a loving, faith-filled, and supportive family, were likely the beginnings of her future career in civil engineering. She says her life’s purpose is to learn from her mistakes, not judge others for theirs, and to reach out with compassion and lend a helping hand wherever she can.

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