Sustainable Solutions

BKF Engineers sustainability commitment

We are committed to environmentally conscious design to provide creative strategies and practical solutions. Our team continually finds innovative ways to integrate sustainable designs based on thoughtfully considering infrastructure requirements, site constraints, budget, and schedule. Our pragmatic expertise, which includes leveraging emerging technologies, provides solutions to improve our communities. From feasibility through planning, BKF provides practical design by facilitating:

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Life Cycle Benefit

Considering design options that compare initial investment costs with long term maintenance obligations

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Adaptively reusing prior polluted or compromised properties promoted opportunities within our community’s urban core

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Recycle Materials

Deconstructing buildings and site work reduces impact to environment

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Green Streets

Designing streets that encompass sustainable and multimodal accessibility principles

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Recycled Water

Using every drop of water wisely we can both conserve and expand water supply systems. Whether through the capture and reuse of rainwater on individual sites or within municipal recycled water systems, BKF incorporates recycled water into projects.

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Innovate Bioremediation Solutions

Capturing stormwater borne pollutants, we can preserve our rivers and bays. Through a variety of bioremediation tools that address trash capture, stormwater filtering and treatment we innovate specific solutions to specific site conditions.

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Shape Permeable Pavement

By using permeable pavement, we can reduce the load on stormwater conveyance systems, treat the stormwater, and help recharge our groundwater aquifers. Initial costs, long term maintenance and replacement costs shape the benefit analyses for considering permeable pavement use on a project.

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