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I AM Jaimie Griffin, A Surveying Manager at BKF

I am a: Land Surveyor

I am a Friend

I am a Former Army National Guard Soldier

I am a Dog Lover

I am a lover of all things penguin

I am a Coffee Lover

I am a Hiker

Jaimie’s journey, transitioning from an administrative assistant to a key player on significant projects, not only underscores her personal drive but also emphasizes the importance of discovering one’s true passion. As a former soldier and member of the Army National Guard, Jaimie’s civilian career journey began in an administrative role at SMUD. There she was inspired by the line crews she worked with and soon trained as an apprentice lineman. Unfortunately, an accident redirected her career trajectory and launched the next leg of her professional journey.

Jaimie found her calling in land surveying, propelled by her affinity for mathematics, precision, and eagerness to tackle new challenges. After joining the Land Surveyors Union, she gained invaluable experience with various small firms before landing a position at BKF Engineers in 2015, where she currently serves as a Surveying Manager. Her path is defined by a series of accomplishments, including her contributions to projects like the award-winning Mineta San Jose International Airport Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting Facility (ARFF) project in California.

Jaimie takes immense pride in her work and is energized by seeing her projects through to completion. She acknowledges the crucial role her support network has played in her career advancement. The leadership team at BKF has provided guidance and support, while her close friends have been instrumental in helping her overcome obstacles. Jaimie’s story is a testament to resilience, determination, and unwavering dedication, showcasing the power of perseverance in pursuing one’s true passion.

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