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Ohlone College Academic Core Buildings

Funded by Measure G, the Ohlone College Academic Core Buildings project continued the college’s mission by upgrading facilities that support educational opportunities in the fields of art, technology, and science. This project demolished existing campus buildings and constructed three new buildings with a total area of 190,000 assignable square feet. BKF provided civil engineering and surveying services for the construction of the new buildings, including development of contract construction documents to support backbone utility infrastructure for gas, water, electricity, communications, storm drainage, sanitary sewer systems, geothermal, and central utility plant systems to support the new academic core. BKF also supported the project in designing for regional and local stormwater treatment systems to aid in achieving a LEED Platinum rating for the construction.

  • Three new buildings totaling 109,000 sq. ft.
  • LEED Platinum
  • Architecture Merit Award for its Academic Core Buildings during the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Silicon Valley Design Awards
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