Delta Coves Off-Site and Breach Waterlines, Bethel Island

Delta Coves is a 310-acre master-planned luxury waterfront community in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta area. Providing reliable water supply for drinking and fire suppression, the Delta Coves area on Bethel Island required innovative approaches to crossing sloughs and waterways to provide connections to the mainland.

  • Design of 900 linear feet of 20-inch welded steel water pipe on Bethel Island Bridge
  • Design of 6,500 linear feet of 18-inch DIP water pipe along Bethel Island Road
  • Design of 1,100 linear feet of 12-inch Fused PVC in 16-inch fused PVC and 30-inch steel casing under the Delta Coves breach by HDD
  • Preparation of plans, specifications and costs and obtaining the required permits
BKF Engineers