City of Healdsburg Master Plan: Connectivity, Parks and River Access

The City of Healdsburg’s Connectivity, Parks, and River Access Master Plan aims to connect the 350+ acres of open space preserves and public parks the City operates, with an emphasis on green modes of transportation and safety. The design team worked with City and County agencies and community members extensively to produce a master plan that meets the needs of all involved. BKF is providing the civil engineering design associated with the master plan including project management and participation in meetings, and other elements.

  • 350 acres
  • Ecological preservation
  • Flood mitigation
  • River access and connectivity
  • 2022 American Society of Landscape Architects, Analysis & Planning Honor Award

  • Award-Winning Core Team:
    Owner/Developer: City of Healdsburg
    Landscape Architect: Fletcher Studio
BKF Engineers