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BART Extension – Colma to San Francisco International Airport

BKF provided On-call surveying services for the six-mile, three-station Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) extension from the Colma Station to the San Francisco International Airport including researching, compiling, and resolving historical records to resolve the right-of-way. As part of this effort, BKF successfully completed GPS control surveys to establish and perpetuate monumentation for over 180 private and public parcels. The extension’s corridor spanned through Caltrans, PCJPB S.F.P.U.C., San Mateo County, and local City and private rights of way.

BKF’s efforts also included the preparation of appraisal maps, right-of-way maps, renewal of survey of entire corridor and encroachment exhibits, the preparation of aerial and underground easements for overhead structures and utilities, topographic surveys, densification of geodetic control, and construction support.  BKF was responsible for surveying the location of over 300 utility crossings.

Unique Highlights

  • GPS Control surveys/ Confirm monumentation
  • Boundary survey for 6 miles of BART Right-of-Way
  • Right-of-Way involved approximately 120 parcels
  • Legal descriptions and plat preparation for 500 parcels
  • Survey included parcel surveys for three stations
  • Potholed and surveyed the location of over 300 utility crossings
  • Utility report cut and cover conflict
  • Title research
  • Utility “as built” location survey and report
  • Prepared 70 sheet record of surveys documenting the BART Right-of-Way
The conceptual enhancement plan provided safety enhancements for both pedestrians and bicyclists, moderate landscaping and better wayfinding signs for the facilities located on both sides of the roadway.
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