Newly designated QSD/QSP Trainer of Record

Cathy Bandy Schwarz, senior project manager, has recently become a California Stormwater Quality Association qualified SWPPP Developers and Practitioners Trainer of Record. With this new designation, Cathy will be able to provide invaluable training to BKF employees and beyond. QSP services help our clients maintain compliance with the Construction General Permit (CGP) and the measures to prevent erosion, sedimentation, and water pollution from construction activities.

Cathy has been with BKF for 19 years, providing design and development experience focused mainly on storm water management and compliance with NPDES and EPA regulations. In addition to becoming a CASQA CGP QSD/QSP Trainer of Record, Cathy recently became a Building Industry Association (BIA) Bay Area Professional Women in Building (PWB) board member.

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