Congratulations Class of 2022!

BKF is delighted to honor our family members who have all achieved milestone graduations in 2022; closing one chapter, and beginning the next. We wish these young graduates all the best as they move forward and embrace new adventures ahead!

Andre Fong

Graduated from 6th grade and will be attending Blach Intermediate School. He plans to play on the soccer team and would like to be a scientist.
Son of Connie Tang, Project Engineer at BKF

Aris Kurcina

Graduated from 8th grade as a homeschooler with a passion for art, calculus, and programming.
Son of Devon Kurcina, Associate and Director of BD/Marketing at BKF

Audrey Tully

Graduated from Dixon High School and will be attending Cal Poly Humboldt, studying child psychology and mental health. She plans to become a child therapist.
Daughter of Sean Tully, Survey Project Manager at BKF

Brian Dyer

Graduated from Sacramento State with a Masters in Mechanical Engineering. He lives in Sacramento and works for Eisenbeiss, an Austrian Gearbox Company.
Son of Norm Dyer, Technical Manager at BKF

Callum North

Graduated from 8th grade at St. Gregory School San Mateo with a 3.92 GPA and 1st Class Honors. Callum is attending Hillsdale High School and will play basketball and water polo.
Son of Simon North, Principal at BKF

Gabriel Cabezon

Recently married on June 4th, Gabriel will graduate in July with his Masters in Exercise Physiology.
Son of Kelly Cabezon, Director of Facilities & Administration at BKF

Kelsey Ma

Graduated from Lowell High School and will be attending UC San Diego as a sociology major. She hopes to create a mental health organization especially for low income families.
Daughter of Casandy Ma, Accounting Manager at BKF

Nathan Paul

Graduated from 6th grade with stellar marks, and he’s ready to take on 7th grade honors classes and a STEM class elective, for which he can’t wait!
Son of Will Paul, Associate at BKF

Nick Baker

Graduated from Cal Poly SLO with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering. He will be working for BKF out of our Pleasanton Office starting this July.
Nick Baker, Engineer Assistant at BKF

Sergiy Schork

Graduated from Fusion Academy High School in Los Gatos. He plans to take a well-earned break this summer while he decides what’s next for him.
Son of Scott Schork, Principal at BKF
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