Chiaming Chi | Promoted to Project Manager

Please join us in congratulating Chiaming Chi on her recent promotion to Project Manager! Born in Taiwan, Chia excelled in math and science at a young age and although she didn’t know anyone in the field, she decided that a career path in civil engineering would be interesting and different. She was introduced to BKF by a friend who sold her on the benefits of working for the firm even before her first interview with us. She now has 13 years of civil engineering experience and has worked for BKF since 2015. Some of her most rewarding projects to date have involved assisting the City of Oakley in realizing their vision for the downtown area. A good relationship has developed between Chia and the City; having worked on 7 Oakley projects so far in her career, she is hopeful for more. She says her favorite thing about BKF is the diversity of people with whom she works; adding that there is a good mix of different backgrounds and levels of experience. She has also learned a great deal from the experience of being a mentor and a mentee through BKF’s Spark program. Outside of work, Chia enjoys cooking, trying new recipes, and spending time with her family and new baby. She’s an avid traveler and has seen 16 countries to date, but intends to explore more.

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