Caltrans Project: Approved!

BKF offers exceptional experience, understanding and knowledge on how to navigate through Caltrans in order to make Your Project a success!

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Robust project management, guidance and facilitation through the myriad of Caltrans processes is a trademark of BKF Engineers “knowhow” and sets our firm apart from competitors. We review your project requirements, identify the needed Caltrans approvals and shepherd the process through completion.

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BKF is exceptionally qualified and experienced in working with Caltrans Local Assistance for grant funded projects. Our staff has years of experience in the preparation of the required documentation to obtain expenditure authorizations from Caltrans and FHWA. We make sure our clients are aware of the critical steps and timelines required to ensure that funding is secured and procured.

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BKF successfully delivers a variety of projects ranging in size and complexity within Caltrans right of way along local streets, expressways and highways. Working with Caltrans Encroachment Permit Department, BKF Engineers has obtained permits for the construction of bikeways, pedestrian facilities, traffic signals, roundabouts, maintenance repairs and roadway improvements.

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For encroachment permit projects that are deemed complex, Caltrans Encroachment Permit Department defers to their support units and the project is processed under Design Oversight. Although the approval process via Design Oversight is more rigorous than the Encroachment Permit process, BKF Engineers effectively maneuvers through the requirements to maintain a project’s schedule.

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For larger projects, BKF has worked with Caltrans on a stepped approval process to include the preliminary stages of planning, through design development, and to the final phases of construction, to support various projects throughout California. We have produced the gamut of documents that may be required in the Project Initiation Document (PID), Project Approval and Environmental Document (PA&ED) and Plans, Specifications and Estimate (PS&E) processes.

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BKF Engineers role is to advise our client in the best way to achieve their project goals and obtain necessary approvals. To this end, BKF Engineers provide more than Caltrans’ approval of plans and specifications but we also provide a Caltrans approved Utility Coordinator, assist with the cooperative agreements and maintenance agreements, draft the Design Standard Decision Documents and Utility and Non-utility Encroachment Policy Exception Requests and complete the Right of Way Certifications that will accompany project approvals.

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