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BKF Engineers Awarded Contract for Dam Road Roundabout by City of Clearlake

BKF Engineers announces its latest achievement in securing the contract with the City of Clearlake, contributing to the advancement of infrastructure in Lake County, CA.

The City of Clearlake boasts its most distinguished geographical feature, Clear Lake, celebrated for its diverse aquatic life, rare birds, and thriving wildlife within the surrounding wetlands, grasslands, and oak woodlands. Spanning 68 square miles, it proudly holds the title of the largest natural freshwater lake entirely within California. With nearly 100 miles of shoreline, this expansive lake covers almost five percent of Lake County’s land area. The City of Clearlake is located on the eastern shore of Clear Lake, approximately 45 miles northeast of Santa Rosa, 100 miles north of San Francisco, and 95 miles west of Sacramento. The Dam Roundabout, situated at the intersection of Dam Road and Hwy 53, is pivotal for enhancing transportation in the community. Awarded for their demonstrated excellence in engineering services, BKF Engineers stands ready to bring its expertise to this pivotal infrastructure development, ensuring the successful implementation of the project goals to provide a safe, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing transportation design that aligns with community needs and supports sustainable transportation practices.

 BKF Engineers has assembled a qualified and effective team to meet project requirements for the successful design and delivery of this exceptional project. BKF’s foremost priority is recognizing the importance of re-evaluating the current roundabout geometrics to enhance safety measures for all users. BKF is well-prepared to handle conceptual design tasks, including developing geometric and traffic concepts, evaluating feasibility, and providing cost estimates. The firm extends its expertise to construction support, encompassing bidding and technical assistance, site visits, and administration. BKF will also coordinate all aspects of right-of-way surveying, public outreach, and stakeholder coordination, ensuring a cohesive and successful project delivery.

About BKF

Since 1915, BKF Engineers has built a reputation on the ability to plan, design, survey, and successfully deliver complex projects. BKF’s track record in comparable projects is a result of the firm’s strong commitment to clients. BKF excels in navigating the final design phases, securing approvals from Caltrans, utility owners, and regulatory agencies

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