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Women of BKF | Becky Dower

Becky Dower Women of BKF Engineers

“The thrill of seeing a project evolve from concept to design to construction keeps me designing and brainstorming creative solutions with my team.”

At a young age, Becky found herself playing with erector sets, Legos, and backyard forts. Growing up in a more rural area, she had an instant awe-inspired fascination with the built world in bigger cities once she was a bit older. Becky enjoys brainstorming creative solutions with her team as well as mentoring and learning from others. This environment of expertise and encouragement has helped her thrive and develop her skills.

Becky’s career has been driven by a deep-seated enthusiasm for creating spaces and places, especially when they encourage community members to connect. It’s not surprising her favorite kinds of projects are complete streets and multi-modal improvements because they bring people together and allow for them to walk or cycle easier, live healthy lives, and connect with their local community. These projects align with her belief in creating more sustainable and connected communities. She is more than an engineer; she’s a creator of thriving, walkable, and sustainable communities.

Outside of the office, Becky enjoys being outdoors and exploring all the natural beauty California has to offer. While she couldn’t live without her bubbly water, she is thankful for her healthy family and the ability to do the things she loves in life. She still makes time for erector sets, Legos, and backyard forts with her two sons acting as junior engineers!

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