ASCC 3-D Laser Scanning Study, Part 1

BKF’s Will Paul forges ahead, testing the capabilities and limits of 3D laser scanning. What was once a new technology and out of reach for most, except for only the most technical and savvy users, has now become more accessible to the general construction industry. As a Licensed Land Surveyor and 3D laser scanning user for over 10 years, Will Paul was invited to join other laser scanning users and concrete industry professionals from around the country as a technical expert on ACI-ASCC Committee 117.

One of the goals of ACI-ASCC Committee 117 is to publish a guide for its members on the use of laser scanning in the concrete construction industry. Among other things this guide will outline best practices, appropriate applications, measurement tolerances, and reporting standards. Like other materials produced by ACI-ASCC, this guide will become part of future project specification details and contract documents. To that end, members of ACI-ASCC Committee 117 undertook the task of evaluating laser scanning data for tolerance applications. The first results have been published as Part 1 of an article series which was written by concrete industry experts and co-authored by Will Paul in January 2019’s issue of ACI’s magazine “Concrete International”.

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