ASCC 3-D Laser Scanning Study, Part 2

BKF’s William Paul continues to forge ahead, testing the capabilities and limits of 3D laser scanning. As a Licensed Land Surveyor and 3D laser scanning user for over 11 years, he was invited to join other laser scanning users and concrete industry professionals from around the country to Chair the joint ACI-ASCC 117-L Laser Scanning tolerances subcommittee.

As part of their work, the ASCC organized a laser scanning study, in Walnut Creek, CA. The first results were published as Part 1 of an article series, which was written by concrete industry experts and co-authored by Will. In the February 2020 issue of ACI’s magazine “Concrete International”, Part 2 of the article series was released.

This second part of the study focused on the use of laser scanning technology to evaluate floor flatness and levelness and to determine if these measurements were both repeatable and reproducible. Each participant conducted their survey in accordance with ASTM E1155 and followed the same guidelines. The results of the study show that there is still more work to be done.

One of the goals of ACI-ASCC Committee 117 is to publish a guide for the use of laser scanning in the concrete construction industry. Will and his fellow committees are hard at work, continuing to develop this guide that will improve accuracy and consistency of laser scanning for the benefit of owners and contractors.

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