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Delivering Inspired Infrastructure Since 1915

From the time Willis “Jack” Frost started the company as a sole proprietor in Redwood City in 1915, to today, the firm’s emphasis has been to attract and maintain clients by providing engineering and surveying services that help shape our communities.

While devastating, the 1906 Earthquake was a catalyst to creating opportunities. Willis ‘Jack’ Frost embraced the prospect by moving to the Peninsula in 1910 and opening Jack Frost Surveyors in 1915.

As the Peninsula prospered, Larry Brian joined the firm in 1945. It soon became Frost and Brian and upon Jack Frost’s retirement the firm became Lawrence G. Brian and Company Civil Engineers.

In the 1950s the company growth included three master apprentices: Stan Kangas, Bob Foulk and Gary Wincott. Their talents helped establish the firm as a force in the engineering and surveying field with work at Stanford University. In 1970 the firm became Brian Kangas Foulk.

During the 1980s, Brian Kangas Foulk began expanding with the addition of our Walnut Creek and San Jose offices. In 1996, upon Stan’s retirement, the firm’s leadership was transferred to David LaVelle, who remained in the President and CEO role for the next 23 years. Today, our over 550 person firm in 16 West Coast offices is led by 15 principals focused on a diversity of markets. In 2020, Greg Hurd became the fifth President/CEO in our 100+ year history, overseeing the vision and future development of our firm. The beginning of 2020 introduced two new regional offices and long-time employee Greg Hurd was promoted to President/CEO.


  • 1915 to 1950 - The Frost & Brian Era
  • 1951 to 1980 - The Silicon Valley Era
  • 1981 to 2000 - The Leadership Era
  • 2001 to 2010 - The Expansion Era
  • 2011 to 2020 - The Record-Breaking Era

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