During Scott’s youth, he was always interested in residential construction. One dream he had in particular was to physically build his own house, and while that dream didn’t come to fruition, it helped lead him to a career in civil engineering. He joined BKF in 1990, and is now managing partner of the land development group in our San Jose office. His team focuses primarily on residential, mixed-use, commercial and all varieties of in-fill development projects.

Scott’s passion is travel and one of his South Bay projects in particular “makes me feel like I am in Europe and takes me to a difference place”. The iconic 45-acre Santana Row development transformed a former strip mall in San Jose into an urban village; combining shopping, offices, restaurants, and residential units into a mixed-use lifestyle community. He’s been continuously involved with the project since its inception in 1998. “It’s a project unlike any other,” he said. “You ask almost any architect in the country and they will tell you that this project has become the epitome of mixed-use.”

He is inspired by the challenge of each new project, but equally as inspired by the amazing team members around him. “The typical BKF employee takes pride in their work and they are motivated by their peers,” he says. “We have a great environment, with plenty of opportunities for growth; both from a knowledge perspective, as well as an advancement perspective.”

One thing he continually stresses to the younger engineers is that communication is the key to successful projects, resulting in long-term business relationships with our clients. “It’s important to add value to the project,” he said. “Don’t be passive, think like the client and anticipate what they’ll need.”

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