Passionate about helping to improve both his work and home communities, Jason is an avid participant in numerous volunteer activities on the Peninsula. He is on the board for the Chamber San Mateo County, as well as the Silicon Valley Chapter of the American Public Works Association. “After reading the book Lord of the Flies, I felt this important need to be involved and to be a contributing member of society,” he said.

His first job out of college was for Parsons Corporation, and he spent the first (interesting) six months on a project site in Austin, Texas. When things got slow for the company, he decided to seek alternative employment; submitting his resume online to BKF in 1998. He now leads a group in our Redwood City office, which works on many different types of projects, from transportation to site development. And while his background was originally in transportation engineering, BKF has given him the opportunity to also “branch out and do types of projects which are out of the ordinary, such as levees, slide repairs, and trails.” As a result, he says he’s become a Jack of all trades.

One of his favorite BKF projects to date was Bay Meadows in San Mateo. Jason had the opportunity to work on many aspects of this landmark project for several years, and then was rewarded with seeing it built. “I couldn’t have asked for a better experience at the beginning of my career,” he said. “It was completely rewarding.”

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