Always intrigued with moving people efficiently from place to place, working in transportation was an obvious career choice for Jaggi. He is a Vice President at BKF and has worked in our Pleasanton office since 2007, when he graduated from UC Davis. “I feel fortunate for the opportunity to work on projects that have impact and create positive change in the Bay Area,” he said.

One thing he appreciates about BKF is the opportunity to work on a wide variety of transportation projects. “We have projects that are so unique and creative; they are truly one of a kind. We are working on signature bridges which are unlike any others,” he said.

The Marina Bay Parkway Grade Separation project in Richmond was particularly rewarding for Jaggi. He says it was mainly because he witnessed it’s entire lifecycle from beginning to end. “I was part of the early planning stages, then saw the project progress into final design and construction. This experience gave me an appreciation of the hard work that goes into planning, designing, and building a transportation project.”

Outside of BKF, Jaggi is passionate about traveling. He makes it a point to do a big trip once or twice a year as it inspires and drives his work. “Traveling around the world inspires my creativity to address transportation challenges at home and motivates me to continuously improve in this ever-evolving industry.”

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