The feeling that by working here at BKF, you are part of something larger than just a consulting firm.

It started back in 1915 when our founders set out to create a firm where innovative ideas were encouraged and welcomed; where the values of hard-working, professional people were appreciated; and where taking pride in your work from start to finish was commonplace. Those ideals still hold true today. BKF has helped shape the infrastructure of California – by participating as an integral part in the development of numerous communities we serve, we are proud that our legacy includes work on projects which have strengthened and enhanced the local fabric of each. It’s a gift to be able to say that we’ve been an integral part of that local history.

Along with the feeling of being connected to the clients and communities we serve, our firm culture boasts a feeling of connectivity with one another. Our firm is small enough to really get to know one another and work collaboratively together, and still large enough that we have the resources to chase and win stimulating, exciting projects. Our high retention rate is a testament to the fact that we are encouraged to flourish both professionally and personally in a healthy, nurturing environment. Our people don’t take themselves too seriously. Our sports teams, company events, picnics and parties, and volunteer work offer us the opportunity to connect as a people, away from the confines of the office.

Simply said – we feel passionate about working hard, turning out a good product, and having fun with one another while doing it. This was the formula of our founders. This is what we believe. This is what will endure.

“I truly appreciate the creative and collaborative environment at BKF. We have people whose unique skills, personalities, and experience help make positive impacts not only at a project level, but in the communities we work in.”

“People who work at BKF are passionate about their work, and it shows.”

“In the beginning, BKF had a great mom-and-pop type of culture and fortunately even though we’ve grown, we haven’t lost that feeling.”

“One of the great things about BKF is that our managers pay attention to their staff, recognize their talents, and offer opportunities to grow and develop their careers. I know this firsthand, because it is exactly what happened to me.”

“I am very lucky to be surrounded by an unbelievably talented, dedicated, hardworking group of engineers and surveyors who make coming to work a joy every day.”

“BKF is a company large enough that the right resources are available to my team to support our client’s efforts, yet small enough to be like family.”

“At BKF, whenever someone has an idea, any sort of idea, it’s welcomed and encouraged. If they can come up with a well-thought-out plan of how the idea can be implemented, then our leaders are all ears.”

“BKF’s unique business model is unlike most other private companies.”

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