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The feeling that by working here at BKF, you are part of something larger than just a consulting firm.

It started back in 1915 when our founders set out to create a firm where innovative ideas were encouraged and welcomed; where the values of hard-working, professional people were appreciated; and where taking pride in your work from start to finish was commonplace. Those ideals still hold true today. BKF has helped shape the infrastructure of California – by participating as an integral part in the development of numerous communities we serve, we are proud that our legacy includes work on projects which have strengthened and enhanced the local fabric of each. It’s a gift to be able to say that we’ve been an integral part of that local history.

Along with the feeling of being connected to the clients and communities we serve, our firm culture boasts a feeling of connectivity with one another. Our firm is small enough to really get to know one another and work collaboratively together, and still large enough that we have the resources to chase and win stimulating, exciting projects. Our high retention rate is a testament to the fact that we are encouraged to flourish both professionally and personally in a healthy, nurturing and diverse environment. Our people don’t take themselves too seriously. Our sports teams, company events, picnics and parties, and volunteer work offer us the opportunity to connect as a people, away from the confines of the office.

Simply said – we feel passionate about working hard, turning out a good product, and having fun with one another while doing it. This was the formula of our founders. This is what we believe. This is what will endure.

“BKF’s people and atmosphere make it a great place to come to every day.”

“BKF does a great job at planning professional events and also activities for the employees outside of work.”

“I appreciate that there is a true work-life balance at BKF. You can manage your workload and have control of it.”

“I love that working at BKF every day we are presented with new challenges, and as a team we work together to solve them.”

“I enjoy BKF’s entrepreneurial spirit and the ability to go after projects that allow you to stretch beyond your comfort level and be creative.”

“BKF is a company large enough that the right resources are available to my team to support our client’s efforts, yet small enough to be like family.”

“Working for a prior company, I was always put into a certain role. At BKF, new ideas are welcomed and encouraged, and I am given the flexibility to run with those ideas.”

“What differentiates BKF is the solid leadership and stable vision for the future.”

“It’s amazing we’ve been in business for over 100 years, and have just transitioned to only our fifth president and CEO.”

“Prior to joining BKF, I was incredibly impressed with the forward-thinking leadership, vision and consistency. And now I am so pleased to be part of all that.”

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