Women of BKF | Kelly Cabezon

The love of all things construction was instilled in Kelly at a very early age. Her plumbing contractor father and brother, who is also a contractor, were the ones to thank for that. She has worked at BKF for 21 years and was promoted in December 2021 to Director of Facilities & Administration, which provides her a wide range of responsibilities which she says keep her challenged and engaged. To her, BKF is a family affair and always has been. Her husband, Alex, and sons Anthony and Jordan, also work for the company.

A musician in her personal life, Kelly owns multiple guitars and mandolins and has played since she was 9 years old. Another passion of Kelly’s is visiting Disneyland, which she does often, but if staying close to home, she enjoys outings such as strolling the gardens at Filoli in Woodside and grabbing lunch in San Carlos. She says at this point in her life and career she just feels grateful for everything, including her job, which has given her the opportunity to work with amazing people.

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