BKF provides utility locating, employing the latest technology in electromagnetic induction (EMI), magnetometers, and ground penetrating radar (GPR). We can identify and locate existing subsurface hazards and obstructions, aiding our engineers and surveyors in delivering a more complete product. BKF works closely with utility companies to provide meticulous attention to detail when locating all types of underground utilities from electric, gas, and communication lines to water, wastewater, and drainage piping. BKF’s commitment to damage prevention and safety for our clients and field crews through our utility locators is unmatched.


  • Field locate and mark underground utilities
  • Furnish topographical surveys of found underground utilities using either GPS (Global Positioning System), total station, or aerial drones
  • Provide sketches and site plans of found underground utilities
  • Produce CAD files of underground utilities overlaid on site maps

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