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Santa Clara County Trails

For more than a decade, BKF has been assisting Santa Clara County, Stanford University, and cities throughout the South Bay with the planning and design of various trail segments in order to complete the County’s northern trail network. Through this effort, we have studied more than 30 miles of trail alternatives and have completed more than 10 miles of trails that run along riparian corridors, within County and Caltrans’ rights of way, through residential communities and on Stanford University lands.

  • Sand Hill/Alpine Road Trail (County’s C-1 Trail)
  • Page Mill Road/”Ramos Ranch” Trail (County’s S-1 Trail)
  • Portola Valley Trail (continuation of the C-1 Trail)
  • Los Altos Hills Trail (C-2 Trail)
  • Palo Alto/Stanford Perimeter Trail (S-1 Trail)
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