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Mission Boulevard Corridor Improvement Project, Phases 2 & 3

The Mission Boulevard Corridor Improvement Project located from 1-238 to the Hayward City limit at Rose Street will beautify and revitalize the corridor. Serving for over 40 years as a highly congested regional commuter corridor, the now state-of -art corridor will serve as the community gateway into Hayward’s downtown. When the project is completed, residents, community members and businesses will enjoy safety features and enhanced opportunities for walking, biking, and riding public transit, as well as an improved driving experience. BKF led a multidisciplinary team, working closely with the City of Hayward on the design of Phases II & III.

  • Undergrounded Poles and Overhead Wires
  • Increased visibility and reduced crossing distance at crosswalks
  • New bus shelters
  • Added a raised separated bikeway
  • Increased bike safety and traffic signals at intersections
  • Added sidewalks, improved curb ramps, and streetlights
  • Added sustainable landscaping & stormwater treatment planters
  • Improved ADA Accessibility
  • 2021 ACEC California, Engineering Excellence Merit Award

  • Award-Winning Core Team:
    Owner: City of Hayward
    Subconsultants: Biggs Cardosa Associates, Gates + Associates, Parikh Consultants, Inc., David J. Powers & Associates, Inc., EXARO
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