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I AM Andy Snitovsky, a Project Engineer

I am a Caribbean Habitue 

I am a Husband 

I am an Animal Lover 

I am a Hiker 

I am a Star Wars Fan 

I am a Project Engineer 

Andy knew he wanted to pursue engineering while taking part in a robotics program in high school, this experience taught him a lot about problem solving and thinking outside the box. Born and raised in Pacifica, he moved away to study Structural Engineering at UC San Diego. Once he discovered BKF, Andy was introduced to Land Development and discovered his passion in civil engineering. The range of diverse projects at BKF call for different creative solutions which keep his skills sharp.

A key project that Andy has been working on since starting with BKF in 2019 has been the YouTube Campus Expansion. With phase 1 of the 5-phase project scheduled to be completed in 2027, Andy hopes to continue to contribute to the iconic BKF project in the many years to come. “It is a great design team to work with, this project has many unique constraints to learn from” Andy shares. He finds working on projects similar to solving a puzzle, where effective communication and collaboration with the team ensure that each piece fits perfectly. Engaging in conversations with other project consultants and in-house experts at BKF has enhanced his engineering skills.

Andy attributes his success to the support of his BKF colleagues, who have been excellent mentors. Additionally, the love and encouragement from his family and friends have been invaluable but it is the support from his husband that means the most, and for that, he is truly grateful. 

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