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I AM Vincent Lin, A Civil Engineer at BKF

I AM a new Father and Uncle

I AM Civil Engineer in Land Development

I AM a Pilot in Training

I AM an Avid Cruiser

Vincent Lin, PE is a complex individual whose journey as a Land Development Civil Engineer has been shaped by persistence, hard work, and a passion for continuous improvement. Vincent’s path to becoming a Civil Engineer wasn’t a straightforward one. At school, math wasn’t Vincent’s natural forte, but he transformed it into a strength through hard work and dedication. Taking extra classes, he proved that with effort, anyone can excel in any field. His journey emphasizes the importance of resilience in overcoming obstacles.

Vincent’s defining moment was realizing his passion for engineering and earned his B.S. in Civil Engineering at University of California, Irvine. Vincent’s choice of UCI was influenced by proximity and a sense of belonging on campus. Despite parental expectations, he followed his heart to become an engineer. His story teaches us the significance of choosing a path aligned with our passions.

Initially applying to BKF in Newport Beach and not landing the role, he didn’t let setbacks deter him. Instead, he seized other opportunities, working with a PM startup, Construction Management firm, a short stint with the City of Palo Alto and gaining valuable experience along the way before eventually finding his stride at BKF in Redwood City. His diverse experiences shaped him into the skilled professional he is today.

Vincent believes there is always room for improvement. This mindset fuels his commitment to excellence in his work and personal life. It’s a reminder that growth is a continuous journey. For Vincent, the most captivating aspect of his day isn’t the work itself but the collaboration with his team. It’s the diverse perspectives and shared experiences that make the work truly fulfilling.

Vincent acknowledges the influence of his two Project Managers who taught him the balance of yin and yang, Lokelani Yee in the Redwood City office pushed him to be detail-oriented and creative. Bruce Kirby, PE, his current mentor has guided him in becoming a manager and a supportive team member.

Most importantly, Vincent’s wife, Erica, along with his friends and family play a crucial role in 

his success in both his personal and professional life.

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