Chelsiah Scouras | Promoted to Grants Analyst IV

BKF Engineers is proud to announce that Chelsiah Scouras has been promoted to Grants Analyst IV!

With her years of experience and education, Chelsiah is an invaluable asset to BKF’s grants team. In her new role, Chelsiah will use her doctorate degree to help expand BKF’s funding services, providing tremendous value and resources to our clients and their communities.

Chelsiah has a track record of finding the right solution for any challenge. Her six years as a BKF marketing and business development coordinator and her knowledge of BKF business practices will help her succeed!

Chelsiah currently works out of our San Luis Obispo office, but has worked at several of our BKF locations over the years. On her days off, you can find Chelsiah spending time with her family and planning her next road trip.

We look forward to supporting Chelsiah as she furthers her career and grows with our dynamic grants team at BKF! Congratulations!

“Grant writing is the perfect combination between academic and proposal writing. I am honored to be part of the grants and funding team, and excited to watch this new service line grow.”

BKF Engineers