With a passion for problem-solving since an early age and an interest in the partnering of design and construction, Todd brings over 31 years in the business. A principal with the firm, he is responsible for leading a team of 20+ team members who focus on private development projects, which he says provide him with an adrenaline rush every day. One landmark project in particular is the redevelopment of Treasure Island. “Our work for Treasure Island has been very satisfying,” Todd says. “We are master planning and starting from scratch; creating a new portion of San Francisco that didn’t exist before. I feel privileged to be part of that.”

In addition to being proud of the BKF portfolio of premiere Bay Area projects, Todd says he very much values the relationships he has established over the years with his clients. “As an engineer, you come out of school knowing very little about the consulting aspect of the business which involves creating relationships,” he comments. “Over time you learn the importance of creating these lasting, trusted relationships with your clients. The enjoyment for me is being part of that team, that relationship.”

He also enjoys the satisfaction which comes with being dedicated to his clients. He says that BKF is constantly designing solutions for clients in visionary and innovative ways, but is also practical about seeing things through and getting projects built. “We make sure that we lookout for the best interests of our clients, give them our best effort every day, and help them to succeed.“

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