A native of New South Wales, Australia, Simon grew up in a small country town with a population of roughly 500 people. Initially interested in architecture in high school, once he found out more about engineering, he was hooked. He began his design engineer career working on numerous projects for the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games, including the Olympic Athletes Village, a large rail tunnel, and a 20-kilometer sewer overflow project, which tunneled under Sydney Harbour.

Eventually following his steady love (who later became his wife) from Sydney to the Bay Area, he began working for BKF in 2000. The transition to life on the Peninsula took some time and Simon said “transitioning to the American way of doing things was definitely a challenge.” He jumped right in to learn design, read numerous books and plans, and sought out those in the office who were working on interesting projects and were willing to provide mentorship. “One of the great things about working for BKF is this – you can reach out across all offices to peers who have more experience than you, and they always are happy to share.”

Passionate about his work, Simon says that although his job is challenging, he is rewarded by solving problems and being able to see a tangible product of his work when it is built. When he is not leading his team in the Redwood City office, he is involved in sports activities with his two boys or takes off into the hills for a mountain bike ride or ocean for a paddle surf. “The Bay Area is a special place to live since it provides a great urban lifestyle, but is only a short distance from spectacular outdoor and beach areas.”

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