Patrick, a firm Vice President, leads a team of engineers who are working on a wide variety of private and public development projects which are pushing the limits of today’s technology. At the forefront of the tech industry, exciting work by his team includes assisting in the design of test tracks for autonomous vehicles, and creating efficient infrastructure for charging electric vehicles.

In addition, he and his group are working on several permanent supportive housing projects in the Bay Area, which combine transitionary housing with support services to address the needs of the homeless. These services are designed to support independent living and connect residents with community-based healthcare, treatment and employment services.

Patrick has come a long way since first drawing floor plans and creating subdivisions on a steno pad back when he was in the fifth grade. From a family of civil engineers, Patrick used to enjoy touring model home subdivisions on weekends with his parents and initially became interested in architecture and land development. Later in his education, he found his niche in CAD among other things, and came to realize that he was destined for a career in “making architecture work”.

One of the things he values most at BKF is time spent with his team members. “We make it a priority to spend time with one another,” he says. This includes social sports games together on Thursdays, social gatherings outside work, and weekly team meetings where training is provided by senior staff. “We also have younger people present ideas because we have a lot to learn from them as well.”

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