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At “Bring Dad to School Day” a few years ago, Jim proved to be one of the coolest in his son’s classroom, as he wowed the kids with his discussion of the unique helipad he designed for Kaiser’s Vacaville campus. Because the campus had been designated as a regional emergency response area, it was imperative that the helipad was created with enough room to support a Blackhawk utility helicopter. “One of the things I really enjoy about BKF is that I’m able to work on projects which are interesting and fresh,” he said.

Another project which proved to be interesting was assisting the Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) to get their electric vehicle charging program off the ground. Jim’s team was responsible for designing infrastructure to support SMUD’s Level 1, Level 2, and Direct Current Fast Charging stations in several locations in the Sacramento area.

A small but mighty team of staff members who mainly focus on K-12 and healthcare sectors, our Sacramento staff has grown exponentially since Jim was asked to help open the office back in 2006. At the very beginning, he was the only one there. “We are bursting at the seams now,” he laughs.

Jim is passionate about his family and says he makes it a priority to balance his work life with the time he spends with them. A huge college football fan, an item on his “bucket list” would be to take a trip to 12-15 of the most famous college stadiums across the country and take in as many games as possible.

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