Wanting to contribute to a growing firm, Jean joined the BKF team in 2017. She was attracted to BKF because she was looking for a challenge, and knew that she had necessary experience under her belt to make a difference.

When she first came on board, Jean focused on developing a high caliber finance team, strengthening the financial infrastructure and building relationships with the rest of the organization. Her efforts have not gone unrecognized. “It’s been rewarding to know that my team and I are making an impact,” she says. “When a project manager says that my team helped or principals thank me for the work I am doing, it’s very rewarding to work in an environment like that.”

Jean says that her “services-oriented mentality” and treating all BKF engineers as if they are the client has been part of her approach. “If we can make their jobs easier, then they can be more focused on their work,” she said. “That, in turn, makes my job easier.”

In her spare time, Jean enjoys vegetable gardening including harvesting bell peppers, kale, and Japanese radishes. Her Yorkie/Schnauzer mix is a constant companion. An item on her “bucket list” would be to go on an African Safari someday.

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