Isaac is passionate about going above and beyond whenever possible to connect with the staff members on his teams across BKF’s offices. “Ultimately, if we all want to succeed together, we need to be on the same page and understand one another.” He routinely institutes “coffee walks” with his staff where they walk a few blocks to the local coffee shop and one-on-one discuss life outside of BKF. “We talk about how things are going in their personal lives and it helps me to understand their motivation,” he said.

Also motivating for Isaac is spending time with his family, including his two young children. He takes inspiration in looking at the world of infrastructure through their eyes. He says he has such a different outlook on design, now that they have grown to ages where he can talk to them about his work and actually show them the fruits of his labor on multiple projects throughout California. “It’s rewarding to be able to connect my work with my family.”

Isaac enjoys the depth of resources BKF affords when it comes to reaching out to staff over multiple offices. Initially starting his career with a small firm, the ability to be part of a larger firm where he can tap into the talents and experience of others has been gratifying. “In essence we have a huge support group here at BKF. When we need a specific level of expertise to gain efficiencies on a project or to fast track the process, I can connect with other BKF experts and work together to find the solution. We are extremely creative, yet we stay efficient by not reinventing the wheel every time.”

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