Eric’s affinity towards the world of development started at a young age. Some of his fondest childhood memories include accompanying his father on geological expeditions in South America while walking the sites wearing a hardhat twice the size of his head. “As a young boy I remember being fascinated by the massive mining rigs and earth moving equipment at the construction yards, seeing the ground being pushed and pulled and manipulated to create access roads and staging areas for the workers.”

Those early childhood experiences manifested into a life-long interest in creating physical change in the surrounding environment. Eric finds inspiration in taking a piece of underutilized land and transforming it into something great. “After many years in the land development business, facilitating the development of hundreds of projects throughout the Bay Area, I’m still absolutely fascinated by the basic transformative process of changing and improving our landscape.”

Eric leads his land development team out of BKF’s Pleasanton office and supports his clients on projects throughout the greater Bay Area. He strongly believes that paramount to any successful client-consultant partnership is a thorough understanding of the client’s needs and expectations. “The process of working with my team, collaborating on ways we can take our clients ideas and make them real is the essence of what it is I love about my profession.”

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