Officially in charge of keeping BKF’s computer infrastructure running like a well-oiled machine, Derrick originally started at the firm back in 1990, after being hired as a drafting technician for the San Jose office. Fast forward to five years later when the company’s IT manager position became available, and Derrick was asked to transition into that role. “Because over time I had showed initiative and proved that I was a hard worker, the powers that be asked if I would be interested.”

He was interested, and although he found himself alone and with half an office filled with broken equipment and boxes of software that would take months to go through, he assessed what needed to be done and started hiring staff to help. He eventually built the IT department to a group of diverse team members, all of whom are cross-trained to help the BKF staff with any and all requests. “We’ll give you a keyboard right out from under us if it means that we can keep production rolling,” he said. “The staff members are our customers and they are depending on us for support.”

One thing Derrick really appreciates about BKF is that “you’re given a lot of rope; you can use it to your advantage, or hang yourself with it.” And he says the senior management has always had a deep commitment to people in the firm who want to make things better. He also feels that way about his staff. “We all get along so well – most of my team has been with me for 25 years plus, and that says something.”

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