In 1981, Dave was a college sophomore at San Jose State majoring in civil engineering, and while washing his vintage Camaro in the driveway of his family home, he struck up a conversation with a neighbor who mentioned that he knew a civil engineer named Stan Kangas. One thing led to another, and the chance conversation eventually led Dave to a three-year internship during college, and later, a full-time position with BKF. “It was good luck and the right time,” he said. He still owns and drives the vintage Camaro, and still works for BKF, three decades later.

One of the things he loves about BKF is that there is a new “adventure” to address every day. He says that the working landscape has changed over the years, including changes in business, the economy, and technology, and adapting to those has made things interesting over the length of his career. “As a company, we adjust, rearrange, and we’re nimble that way,” he said. “That’s what makes it fun.”

In addition, BKF’s entrepreneurial culture is something which Dave has embraced. “I like the fact that if we think outside the box with a good idea, and it’s something that can grow the company, the management is all ears. BKF truly listens to what people have to say because we all realize that the collective whole is better than just the individual.”

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