In Dave’s 40 years in the engineering business, he has seen many changes. He believes that BKF’s ability to understand the changes, and address them to benefit our clients, has been a big factor in our success. “Storm water treatment regulations, CAD, design-build, ADA, and our focus on sustainability have changed the way we design projects.”

Fortunate to work on a variety of projects throughout his career, Dave has been involved with large and small land development projects, utility master plans, highway interchanges, and railroad grade separations. One of his favorite project types is mixed-use development; an example is our Santana Row project in San Jose, where a walkable environment was created. Dave says he personally likes that type of environment. “It was fun to be involved because it completely enhanced the pedestrian and local neighborhood experience in that community.”

Dave recognizes that the success which BKF has celebrated over the years has a lot to do with our dedicated people who are passionate about their work. “We’ve got a great group of managers, designers, and surveyors. Everyone focusing on quality and getting better every day is what grows the system. We can’t get better unless every single person gets better every day,” he said.

He also acknowledges that our positive office culture is a big factor in retaining great people. “Culture eats strategy for lunch,” he said. “Good culture AND good strategy – now that’s a powerful combination.”

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